Adam lambert red hair 2018

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: Thank you,petrajo, I hope Adam can know how much he is truly loved and cared about by people all over the world, including you! XO

: IMPORTANT NOTICE for atoppers going to Vegas Sept 14...Please go to the private member's QAL Vegas meet-up thread for meet-up information and to "sign up":) IT'S COMING, IT'S COMING.....YEAH

: For person looking for that particular version adam lambert red hair 2018 of

: For the person on page one of today’s thread wanting to know which version of “Runnin’ medley, I am pretty sure it is Gasometer ( Vienna) 2016. It is definitely my favorite version. Wish I knew how to bring it over.

: FIRST CRUSH: Andy Gibb—oh, that poster with him in a white suit, almost all the way buttoned shirt, I think necklace, beautiful health hair and white, white teeth ( maybe that’s why I liked Adam in the white shirt where the comment were all over the plae

: Cassie did you get my message. I obviously do not know how to do messages after all these years. Will you e-mail me at

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