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This page is a guide on tall men’s clothing, with a particular emphasis on clothes for tall tall slim men. You will find sections on individual items like shirts, jeans, jackets, and suits. Then there are various tips like how to stretch and alter clothes for tall slim men. Finally, there’s a list of tall slim men’s clothing stores and brands (see some great options below). If you have anything to add or any questions, please use the comments section at the end.




The State of Tall Men’s Clothing

I grew ‘up’ in the 90’s. Back then, people only bought clothes at actual stores, mostly in malls. At a tall and slim 6′7″ and 215 lbs, finding long enough clothes was a nightmare. I’d wander the mall for hours looking for that one shirt that was inadvertently made extra long. And pants were even worse. The longest I could find were 34″ inseam which left me revealing my socks.

The reason manufacturers neglect tall men is that there are far fewer of us than average height people. This has to do with the. Our savior though is online shopping. When low volume items like clothes for tall slim men are stocked in large wearhouses and shipped direct to the customer, many of the fixed costs disappear. So as online clothes shopping became more common, so did tall men’s clothing. Nowadays, many of the big brand names have lineups for tall men’s clothing. Mind you, we do tend to spend more on tall men’s clothing as we almost always have to buy new, deals are less common, and online shopping often has shipping costs attached. But all that’s a small price to pay to get long enough clothing!

Clothes for Tall Slim Men, Tall Skinny Guys

When I started buying tall men’s clothes online, I would opt for the large tall size. These were vastly better than the regular large sizes I used to buy. Yet my clothes still didn’t fit as good as those of average height people. This is because, in addition to being tall, I’m also thin. My 215 lbs may sound like a lot, but spread out over my 6′7″ frame, it really isn’t. This is the case for a lot of tall men, as people tend to get relatively slimmer as they get taller.1

More recently, some big brands have started offering medium tall and even small tall sizes. Additionally, niche brands have started popping up, such as (TST) and American Tall. Brands such as these focus exclusively on tall clothing, and do a great job catering to us tall slim men. Their clothes aren’t merely graded up from those for average height people, but actually designed for us from start to finish. Sometimes you can see this in the details, like larger pockets and buttons.

Big and Tall Men’s Clothing

There is a lot of confusion surrounding big and tall men’s clothing shops. Is it truly for men who are big and tall? Perhaps it is for men who are big or tall? In my experience, you will definitely find clothes for average height people who are big as well as clothes that work for people that are kinda tall. As far as people who are exceptionally tall, whether you are big or thin for your height, you won’t find much help at big and tall clothing shops.

My advice to the truly big and tall men out there is to check out some of the niche tall slim brands I mention on this page. Often, they say they do clothes for tall slim men simply to distinguish themselves from inaptly named big and tall shops. For instance, the tall thin clothing brand,, does jeans in 44 x 38, which in my opinion is truly big and tall.

Tall Slim Men’s Shirts and other Tops

There are a lot of different kinds of shirts and tops out there: T-shirts, polos, dress shirts, sweaters, hoodies etc. What these all have in common is the way they are sized: small, medium, large, extra large, etc. This one dimensional sizing system ties width and length together. So not only do you have to be a common size to get a good fit, but also average proportions. Tall slim men and tall big men obviously are neither, and this is why regular shirts fit us particularly poorly. For us, tall sizes or custom clothes are the way to go. The niche tall slim brands give us a lot of options here. The exception is for, which for the most part you’ll have to look to the bigger brands.
Scaling of clothes for tall slim men

When checking the fit of a tall slim men’s shirt, the first thing we do is check the length of the torso and sleeves. But additionally, there are some finer details that are important, like the position of the shoulder seam on the shoulder, and snug but not tight neck.




Tall Slim Men’s Jeans and Other Pants

Jeans and pants are better than shirts at accommodating different body shapes, like a tall slim build. This is because they’re sized by both length and width. However, finding the right size is still a challenge. If you wander the mall for instance, you likely won’t find anything longer than a 34″ inseam. Online though, the bigger brands often carry up to 36″ length. I’m lucky enough to be able to wear a 36″ inseam (my height comes more from my torso). For those needing 38″, you’ll have to look to the niche brands, like. Their tallest and slimmest jeans are a 32″x38″. If you need even longer and slimmer, then you might check out this page:.




Tall Men’s Custom Clothing

It used to be that all clothing articles were made one at a time and for the wearer (bespoke). Industrialization saw an end to this. Factories, assembly lines, automation, and overseas manufacturing all pushed us towards mass production. This lowered costs, making clothing more affordable for everyone. But outliers like us tall slim men could no longer find proper fitting clothing.

Currently though, there is a resurgence in custom clothes. This is spurred on by a rise in online shopping as well as advancements in digital manufacturing that reduce the cost of mass customization. It is now possible to get a custom tailored tall men’s dress shirt for as little as US, which is truly extraordinary. And it’s not just shirts but also bespoke t-shirts, pants, and even suit jackets. One of the companies leading this movement is.

Custom <u>awesome mens tall clothing idea</u> Dress Shirts for Tall Slim Men

Drying and Stretching Clothes for Tall Slim Men

If you’ve read this far, I’d wager you know a drier can shrink a tall man’s clothes. I’ve learned to avoid the drier like the plague. Hang drying clothes may take longer and leave them wrinkly, but it preserves their length and quality better and also happens to be friendlier for the environment.

If for whatever reason a drier has turned you pants into knickerbockers and shirts into belly tops, fear not; it is possible to stretch your clothes back out. There are right and wrong ways to do this though. Take stretching the length of shirts for example. If you just grab the shirt and pull down, you’ll accidentally increase the width, the last thing tall slim men want. Instead, clamp a couple boards to the bottom of the shirt and hang it. It helps to get the shirt wet where you want the stretch to occur. Apparently is also helpful.

Altering Clothes for Tall Slim Men

The main type of alteration you can do for tall men’s clothing is to take in the sides on a shirt. The basic idea is to cut out material near the side seam and then stitch it back together. It helps to first use some bobby pins to find your desired girth. You can find tailors who will convert modify shirts for tall skinny guys for not too much. But better yet, there is a device known as the which can even be used as a substitute for altering.

There is only so much alteration you can do and some clothing is just too baggy and impractical to fix. Take a dress shirt with too long of a shoulder seam for instance. Adjusting that seam is extremely difficult and you’re better off buying a new shirt.

Tall Men’s Shoes and Accessories

While it is pretty clear tall men need longer clothes, there are also a variety of accesories and so on that should be longer for us too. For instance, we’ll need longer ties, wider clothes hangers, and most importantly, bigger shoes! Check out some related posts below.



Tall Slim Men’s Clothing Brands

Below is a list of brands that cater specifically to tall slim men. If you are particularly tall, slim or otherwise, these are likely your best bet.

Tall Slim Tees

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5% Coupon: TALL

As you might have guessed, Tall Slim Tees cornerstone is, just each including shipping in the US. They have really nailed the fit down and and have started providing these in a slew of different colors in V-neck and crew neck. They’ve also applied their tall slim fitting model to,,, and have plans to do athletic shirts too. Medium is the size that works best for me.
Clothes for Tall Slim Men by Tall Slim Tees

American Tall

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5% Coupon: TALLLIFE5%

The next company I would like to mention is a recent startup called American Tall. What they have going for them is over 35 years experience in clothing manufacturing. They do all the basic clothes for tall slim men, from pants and jeans to shirts and jackets. I tried out some of their clothes myself and wrote about it here:. I particularly liked their Italian made dress shirts.
Clothes for Tall Slim Men by American Tall


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5% Coupon: TALLLIFE1

Navas makes clothes that are tall, slim, and rather stylish the West Coast sorta way. I really like their nifty heathered and modern tweed patterns, interesting materials, and clever pockets. They seem to be rather found of hooded stuff. I guess it makes sense given all the rain out there in Vancouver, where they’re based. They also manufacture in Vancouver. I find their XLT stuff fits me best, see the fit here:.
Clothes for Tall Slim Men by Tall Slim Tees

Cleaner Brighter

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Of all the tall men’s clothing companies I list here, I think Cleaner Brighter is probably the one that focuses the most on particularly tall and slim build. They provide enough basic clothes for tall slim men that you should be able to put together a bunch of different outfits that really suit your build. I reviewed a couple of their items:. I found their size large fits me best.
Clothes for Tall Slim Men by Cleaner Brighter

Wiedemann Jeans

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If you’ve had a hard time finding long enough jeans, then I suggest checking out Wiedemann Jeans. They specialize in jeans for tall people and carry sizes all the way up to 42 length. These lengths are available from a 34 waist up to a 40, so they really are clothes for tall slim men. That’s right, they even have a size 34 x 42 for the very tall skinny guys among us. These extra long jeans for tall men come in four different styles including straight leg and tapered. The styles aren’t all that different though; all fairly slim and modern.
Wiedemann Jeans for Tall Skinny Guys

Six-8 Clothing

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10% Coupon: talllife10

Six-8 Clothing is both a brand and shop for tall men’s clothing. They make their clothes for tall slim men right in the USA. Particular emphasis is on making clothes specifically for the taller person, not merely graded average sizes. This means the zippers, pockets, and details are all larger. They sell all the basic clothes including jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts. Pants are available all the way up to 38″ length and shirts come in tall and extra tall for men over 6′8″. See here for more including my thoughts on their polos:.
Six-8 Clothes for Tall Slim Men

So Long Sven

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So Long Sven was started by a 6’11” Swedish guy. As you might have guessed then, it is located in Sweden. They do however ship all over the world. They have currently focused tops including dress shirts, long sleeve shirts, and t-shirts. Check out the founder’s story of how he quit his day job, traveled the world, and started making clothes for tall slim men:
So Long Sven Clothes for Tall Slim Men

Long Tie Store

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What good are the tallest dress shirts if your tie is too short? There are long ties out there though, including from the long tie store. I tried a couple out myself, check out my review here:
Extra Long Ties for Tall Men

Brands with Tall Men’s Clothing Lines

Below is a list of brands that happen to have tall men’s clothing lines. While the tallest of men will likely still find the best fit from the niche brands, these big brands offer a lot more variety in styles and designs. All of these brands should have large tall sizes. A few may have medium tall and even small tall for the slimmer tall guys.


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I think ASOS may be the only tall men’s clothing brand on this page specifically catering to people in their 20’s. You’ll find lots of skinny jeans, carefully positioned rips, muscle shirts, and old styles reincarnated. As far as sizing, their pants go up to 36″ or 38″ length and their tops are available all the way from small long (tall) up to XXL long! Note that in addition to their own ASOS brand, their webshop also sells other brands like Levi’s and Cheap Monday.


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Columbia is primarily and outdoors clothing company. They make all kinds of jackets, vests, and snow pants. And lucky for us, they make them in tall sizes. I actually have one of their large tall Alpine Action winter jackets. It is an awesome jacket and I figure it could work for someone quite a bit taller than myself. The only downside is that they don’t do small or medium tall. This means tall slim guys like me might get a slightly baggy fit. I don’t mind this for a winter jacket though as it means I can layer underneath for those really cold days. I highly recommend Columbia’s tall men’s clothing.


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Levi’s strives to be the top denim jeans seller on the planet. In so doing, they have a lot of sizes, some that work for us tall people. Their longest inseams are 40″ which can come in waists as narrow as 32″ and as wide as 42″ last time I checked. They also do tall sizes for many other clothing items, like tall men’s shirts, hoodies, and jackets.


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Carhart is most famous for their sherpa jackets, which happen to come in tall men’s sizes. They’re warm and rugged, making for great work jackets. Carhart also does a variety of other tall men’s tops, like hoodies and t-shirts. Some of their stuff is available in medium tall for tall skinny guys.


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The only thing worse than poorly fitting clothes is poorly fitting spandex clothes. You can avoid this with Aerotech cycling tall men’s clothing. They make some good quality stuff in a variety of colors and for a reasonable price. I really like their jackets in particular. Check out my review of them here:


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