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This comprehensive list of MAC Eye Shadow combinations was started back in 2004!  10 years later, this  list has grown astoundingly by YOU the members!  Thank you for all the submissions!     is something you love and here’s the list for the world to see!  However, if you would like to submit your own MAC Eye Shadow combination, please feel free to let us know by visiting the page on the right —->, and we’ll credit you properly!   This site has grown so much that we’ve expanded it with,,, and!

How the MAC Eye Shadow Combinations are Arranged

The MAC Eye Shadow Combinations are listed alphabetically under the main colors used.  There are not listings under a lot of basic shades, like Shroom or Ricepaper, but if you are looking for them, just do a search(we are currently working on the search) & you can find them.  So, a combination that used Cranberry, Trax, Shroom & Amber Lights will be listed under the “As,” “Ts,” & “Cs” under Amber Lights, Trax & Cranberry, but not Shroom.  Colors which have been released under two separate names (i.e. Almond Icing/Sea Myth or Parrot/Kicky Blue) are listed under the main color.  Any extra information that doesn’t fit anywhere else is at the end under “Miscellaneous.”

When you see mistakes, misspellings, or duplications, please point them out, and they will be fixed on the next update.  Also, feel free to submit your own combinations!  makeup The more the merrier!  Contact us here at the right —–> to submit any corrections/suggestions or combinations!


  • Billy B’s method of applying false eyelashes: Trace upper lash line w/ adhesive, using a pointed lining brush. Let it get ‘tacky’ for a minute. Press the strip into the glue, using the back end of the brush. Courtesy if “EnjoyTheSilence”.
  • Doppelganger74’s method of applying false eyelashes: Let the glue get tacky black eyeshadow makeup looks before you apply. It really helps keep the lash from sliding around so much and making a big ole mess. Cut the lash in half & just do them on the outer corner. They are much easier to apply this way & give you that sexy cat eye look. This looks a bit more natural than using a whole strip. I also have great luck w/ individuals, they are easy to apply & look natural.
  • I took 2-11 ounce vegetable cans, washed them out thoroughly & removed the label. I then painted 1 black & 1 white w/ a glossy acrylic paint. I had some decorative ribbon, which happened to be black & white (zebra print) so I hot-glued it around the tops of the cans. They are so cute. I had trouble getting my brushes & pencils to stand upright, so I took some long grain dry rice, filled the can about 1/4-1/2 full & voila, my brushes, lip liner & eyeliner pencils fit & stand up perfectly. luv4don
  • Yellow’s really versatile IMO, yellow + blue automatically make it a really cool tone look 🙂 yellow + pink is girly, playful & warm… I personally really love yellow on the lid w/ a violet/purple in the crease or a more sophisticated yet funky look w/ yellow & a burnt burgundy in the crease.


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