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Unique Oil Paintings

Five artists painting hyperrealism style imagery
View the paintings of five artists who paint hyperrealism, a form of exacting realism that is so lifelike that the paintings have the illusion of being photographs, in part due to details that the eye would not normally observe in real life.  Only the most highly competent painters possess the technical ability to so successfully achieve the results you will see on display now at Saper Galleries.  Lansing City Pulse article about the exhibit is .

Michigan Impressions:
Oil Paintings by Michael Callihan

Distant Woodland by Michael Callihan
Dreamy impressions of Michigan places, real and imagined.  to see more images and learn more about the Michigan landscape oil paintings of Michael Callihan!
Vistas of Michigan
Oil Paintings by Lou Heiser
Featured in the east gallery
Lou Heiser Michigan oil paintings
At this exhibition you will enjoy Lou Heiser's striking use of brilliant colors to depict what he observes from the lookouts, hills, rivers, dunes, fields, roads, and farm country in the northwestern area of Michigan's lower peninsula.  Heiser's new paintings highlight Harbor Springs, Empire, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and Glen Arbor, among other areas.
Read the preview on
See the full Heiser collection ! Method Light LED Picture Light
Available in the framing department
Method Light
If you've wanted to light a sculpture or artwork on the wall but do not have a fixture installed, is the light you've been waiting for.  We love it!  It is easily mountable on the ceiling or can beam light from below shining upward and is battery operated, controlled by a small remote control, and can vary the light intensity and color!
Read more about it and stop by to test it!
Botanical Watercolors and Drawings by David Herzig
Now in the west gallery
David Herzig watercolor detail
is a highly regarded painter of botanical imagery from Toledo, Ohio.  His watercolors and pencil drawings are of lilies, amaryllis, cyclamen, iris, orchids, and tulips selected from his garden. 
See the Herzig collection !

Paintings by Juan Carlos Ospina Ortiz
Now in the east gallery
Ortiz paintings  
Colombian-born and now living in Spain, is a highly trained artist who demonstrates considerable talent and precise control in painting his canvases of exquisite still life and realism. 

See all of the Ortiz paintings !
Read Lansing City Pulse article .
Hand-painted Wooden Boxes by Brazilian artist Monica Martinez
Now in the center gallery
Boxes by Monica Martinez  
A coupling of unique paintings and functional wooden boxes -- all in one!  Most boxes are divided into sections for your pearls, rings, watches, notes, guitar picks, keys, precious letters, coins, lip balm, pens, flash drive, memory cards, buttons, pill containers, remote control, tea bags, stamps, batteries, ribbons and collections. 
See the entire Martinez box collection ! Paintings by Parisian
Now in the east gallery
Fabienne Delacroix paintings
lyrical canvases are windows on the past, that legendary era of memory and desire when life was sweet and pleasures innocent and simple. 
See the Fabienne Delacroix collection !

(Outside of the West Bank)
In the center gallery
Hebron glass
For more than 2,000 years, hand-blown glass has been made in , the largest city in the Palestinian West Bank.  Rarely seen outside the Middle East, Saper Galleries has acquired these unique, swirl-colored hand-blown glass vases, now displayed in the center gallery. 
Click to see the Hebron glass collection!

The Art of Kathleen Chaney Fritz

New paintings in the west gallery
Fritz A Grand Spring
The splendors of Michigan are captured by the amazing talent of Michigan's premiere painter, .  See her newest paintings and prints now on display!  is what the Towne Courier reports.
The Kathleen Chaney Fritz artworks are all on . 


by Hessam Abrishami

Now in the north gallery
Hessam Abrishami
Colorful, emotive images by Persian-born have been shown at Saper Galleries for 15 years.  They are vibrant and filled with energy and expressions of love.
See what Hessams are available !
Paintings and Watercolors
Now in the north room of the west gallery!
Tunis Ponsen
Oil paintings, watercolors, rare linocuts and lithographs by the Dutch-born artist who called Michigan home in the early 20th century.
The entire estate collection is managed and located at Saper Galleries.  We would welcome your visit to see them.

See the ,  and
Costa Rican Cocobolo (Revisited)!
Now in the center gallery!
Cocobolo boxes from Costa Rica
Unique, functional, boxes and bowls hand-crafted by artists in using their native rosewood-like cocobolo wood.  Hand-selected by us at the artist workshops for you to enjoy at Saper Galleries, the only source for these boxes outside of Central America.
See the entire collection  and new cocobolo bowls just received !
Read what the Lansing State Journal writes about it .
The Magic Realism of

In the center gallery
Ron Gonsalves artwork
Enjoy the most recent images of . 
Discover the transitional imagery that bridges realistic scenes with the magic of creative imagination!

The February 4, 2013 State News article on the exhibition
Dimensional Ceramic Wall Sculptures of Allen Littlefield
In the east gallery
 Allen Littlefield
The sculpted faces by are compelling, some with a nod to fantasy and many seemingly futuristic. 
Your own experiences determine what .
at Saper Galleries!
In the west gallery
Dr Seuss' Horton
See the Lorax and images of other available artwork. You can own or give as a gift your favorite Dr. Seuss limited edition!  
See more !

Ceramic Relief Tiles
of Ruth Faktor
In the west gallery
 Ruth Faktor ceramic
Visit and select from the world's largest collection of Israeli ceramics (starting at only ).
See them all !

Thirteen artists at Saper Galleries

Glass by many artists
Click on the 13 links below to see the hand-blown glass on display now!
Realism on Canvas
by Hilary Eddy
Hilary Eddy
New paintings by the British artist are of still lifes involving reflections and compelling floral close-ups of amazing detail and quality.
See more !
Highly Polished Stainless Steel Sculpture
by James T. Russell
James T. Russell sculptures
Polished stainless steel sculptures by , one of the world's most respected artists in monumental and indoor stainless steel sculpture, are for home and office, inside or out doors.
Click to see others now available!

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