Dark auburn hair color ideas 2018

Auburn hair color shades are timeless and very versatile that you can spice up your style with auburn shades. In this gallery we have gathered images of 15+ Auburn Hair Color Ideas that may look great on you.

Today the hair dye market is so rich in the variety of hues it offers, that you will be surprised to see how many gorgeous shades can be found out there. Depending on your skin tone, you can go for a lighter or a darker shade, throw in baby lights in the mixture or play with balayage highlights and low-lights. Dark auburn shades looks really gorgeous on women with lighter skin tones as you can see Lana Del Rey. She looks really nice with her wavy auburn . Besides reddish auburn hair color also very popular among celebrities from all ages.

Now it is time to choose the best auburn hair color that suitable for your skin tone and your personality. The following auburns are just amazing! Check them out now and get inspired!

1. Stylish Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark Auburn Hair Color

2. Auburn Hair Color

Auburn Hair Colors

3. Shade of Auburn Hair Color

Shades of Auburn Hair

4. Light Auburn Color

Auburn Color

5. Auburn Long Hairstyle

Auburn Long Hair


Auburn Hair Color-6


Auburn Hair Color-7


Auburn Hair Color-8


Auburn Hair Color-9


Auburn Hair Color-10


Auburn Hair Color-11


Auburn Hair Color-12


Auburn Hair Color-13


Auburn Hair Color-14


Auburn Hair Color-15


Auburn Hair Color-16

17. Auburn Long Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Auburn Hair Color-17

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