David tutera wedding dresses plus size 2018

David Tutera 2018 bridal dress collection fascinates and captures the personality of every bride with models with clean lines but with great visual impact.

The wedding dresses of the new collection are, in fact, elegant models where fine fabrics blend with Swarovski crystals and hand-made decorations that enhance their beauty and value.

david tutera wedding dresses plus size 2018 src="https://moncheribridals.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/217201_GAL-1-350x859.jpg" alt="217201 Emil by Mon Cheri">

217201 EMIL

217202 Anna by Mon Cheri

217202 ANNA

217203 Mae by Mon Cheri

217203 MAE

217204 Zella by Mon Cheri

217204 ZELLA

217205 Pearl by Mon Cheri

217205 PEARL

217206 Susie by Mon Cheri

217206 SUSIE

217207 Hallie by Mon Cheri

217207 HALLIE

217208 Bess by Mon Cheri

217208 BESS

217209 Vada by Mon Cheri

217209 VADA

217210 Nellie by Mon Cheri

217210 NELLIE

217211 Ruth by Mon Cheri

217211 RUTH

217212 Alma by Mon Cheri

217212 ALMA

217213 Mabel by Mon Cheri

217213 MABEL

217214 Lillian by Mon Cheri

217214 LILLIAN

217215 Grace by Mon Cheri

217215 GRACE

217216 Lottie by Mon Cheri

217216 LOTTIE

217217 Rena by Mon Cheri

217217 RENA

217218 Margaret by Mon Cheri


217219 Hazel by Mon Cheri

217219 HAZEL

217221 Helen by Mon Cheri

217221 HELEN

217222 Clara by Mon Cheri

217222 CLARA

217223 Minnie by Mon Cheri

217223 MINNIE

217224 Lela by Mon Cheri

217224 LELA

217225 Frances by Mon Cheri

217225 FRANCES

217226 Vesta by Mon Cheri

217226 VESTA

217227 Inez by Mon Cheri

217227 INEZ

217228 Florence by Mon Cheri


217229 Willie by Mon Cheri

217229 WILLIE

217230 Elnora by Mon Cheri

217230 ELNORA

117265 Lyra by Mon Cheri

117265 LYRA

117266 Adelina by Mon Cheri

117266 ADELINA

117267 Topaz by Mon Cheri

117267 TOPAZ

117268 Amber by Mon Cheri

117268 AMBER

117269 Peta by Mon Cheri

117269 PETA

117270 Sonia by Mon Cheri

117270 SONIA

117271 Jin by Mon Cheri

117271 JIN

117272 Gregoria by Mon Cheri


117273 Sonal by Mon Cheri

117273 SONAL

117274 Gilda by Mon Cheri

117274 GILDA

117275 Chrisann by Mon Cheri


117276 Tala by Mon Cheri

117276 TALA

117277 Dior by Mon Cheri

117277 DIOR

117278 Oria by Mon Cheri

117278 ORIA

117279 Carmelina by Mon Cheri


117280 Dory by Mon Cheri

117280 DORY

117281 Zarina by Mon Cheri

117281 ZARINA

117282 Kula by Mon Cheri

117282 KULA

117283 Orabelle by Mon Cheri


Each dress is designed for a bride who, in her most beautiful day, wants to astonish but refinement. From romantic models with a wide skirt to seductive sirens that gently embrace shapes, up to short models, David Tutera’s 2018 wedding dresses are suitable for every bride and every silhouette.

In the new collection, pure white leaves delicate colors, such as pink, ivory, and floral fantasy (for less conventional brides) while crystal clear falls, floral applications and lace make precious patterns that catch your eyes immediately.

The David Tutera 2018 bridal gown is therefore the perfect blend of elegance, character, sophistication and the touch of romanticism that every bride dreams of in her most beautiful day.

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