Decoration living room ideas 2018

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In a mood to change your living room ceiling decoration design? read here to know the areas you can play with under the possible circumstances ( including the theme, backdrops, furniture and space).

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1- Slab Ceiling

In case you want to adjust wooden themed living room ceiling, install these overlapping slabs, this look amazing with dim light setting.

Slab Ceiling for living room

2- Patterned Ceiling

If patterns and art is something that allures you, you must check this hypnotic design, as this remains popular choice for.

Patterned Ceiling for living room

3- Classic Fusion

Retro yet appealing and chic, this type of completes the contemporary interior design of a grand living room.

beam ceiling design

4- Wood Appeal

If you have wooden furniture and contrasting walls, a tray ceiling of same nature would increase the allure of overall setting. This kind of ceiling with dim lights remain one of the popular ceiling design ideas of the year.


5- Nature Texture

I would call it an ideal choice for those who are closer to nature. you can install a wallpaper or patterned ceiling about the earthy appeals. This is rather newest type of ceiling design ideas for living room.

ceiling design ideas for living room

6- Modern Tray Ceiling

If you want to revamp the look of your, this type of tray ceiling is going to serve the purpose at best. Light hues and simple lights would contribute in achieving elegance.

Modern Tray Ceiling

7- Tray and Beam Fusion

In case you have a luxury living room, this stylish ceiling should not be missed. This has basics of tray style, while beam style is incorporated to make it highly magnificent. This is going to be an expensive option but the countless compliments from everyone would simply settle the price.

stylish ceiling for a luxury room

8- Panel Fixed Ceilings

You can have wooden panels fixed within the structure crafted at the ceiling. You can use hanging lights to complete the look. This one would be ideal choice for those who want to change the retro look to.

Panel Fixed Ceiling design

9- Thin Wooden Drop Ceiling

If simplicity is what appeals you, you must stick to thin, joined wooden ceiling. no hassles, no expense, but beautiful and gorgeous idea for large living rooms.

Thin Wooden Drop Ceiling

10- Textured White False Ceilings

In case you want to have nothing but complete white toned living room, you can play around with texture within the plane ceiling. Add hanging lights so that it further beautifies the surrounding.

Textured False White Ceilings

11- Chinese Style Living Room Ceiling

As the name suggests, drop wooden ceiling is going to rock the look of Chinese style living room. yellow lights, wooden furniture and similar drop net ceiling is going to make the ambiance breath taking.

Chinese Style Living Room Ceiling

12- European Style Living Room Ceiling

This style focuses on pure luxury and miraculous appeal, simply depiction of something from the fairy-tale. If you are looking for grandest look for your king size living room, have a pop ceiling design.

European Style Living Room Ceiling

13- Chic False Ceiling Design

This ceiling is going to give your setting a hip look. This is one of the simple yet stylish ceiling and living room plans from 2015.

Chic False Ceiling Design

14- Victorian Ceiling

If you like darker rooms, this ceiling plan is going to facilitate your need. With cluttered wooden cove look, this portrays the love for Victorian age.

Victorian Ceiling

15- Modern Luxury Ceiling

If your living room is inclined towards modern yet royal looking space, than tray ceiling plan is going to suit it perfectly.

Modern Luxury Ceiling design

16- State Of Art Ceiling Design

I would call it a disco light resembling look,. Really, in a glace it looks like a wooden circular ball with lights fixed on the ceiling. This is certainly a hot and new trend.

pop ceiling design

17- White Drop Ceiling

With numerous small lights fixed in the circular path, you can stick to simple tray ceiling design for a small living room.

White Drop Ceiling

18- Pop Ceiling Design

Have you looked at this kind of ceiling yet? The pop style remains good choice for small setting.

Pop Ceiling Design

19- Dual Slab Ceiling

You can split the ceiling into two with center textured panel – this is going to look great for living rooms which has larger windows and proper passage of lights.

Dual Slab Ceiling

20- Textured Tray Ceiling

If you have brighter walls, a plain textured is going to look simply wow.

Textured Tray Ceiling

21- Wavy Effect

How about having a ceiling depicting waves? Tell your interior designer to give your ceiling modern touch.

ceiling depicting waves

22- Ceramic Top

If white and gold is what you fall for, this patterned ceiling design is going to be your love at first sight.

patterned ceiling design

23- Overlapping Slab Ceiling

Medium sized slabs if placed creatively to design ceiling, it can change the look of overall adobe.

Overlapping Slab Ceiling

24- Egyptian Style Ceiling

Looking for cooper or brown tone ceiling ideas? This sophisticated and chic style ceiling is going to rock your spacious living room; it certainly adds the luxury element. Image Credit 

Egyptian Style Ceiling

25- Tiled Ceiling

With luxury tiles assembled around a small marble box fixed with lights, you can get contemporary appeal for your living room.

Tiled Ceiling

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