Giorgio armani ad 2018

Armani Si is a perfume that I knew really well since its release. I was hesitant though to try it on myself as I know my reactions with gourmands. A female neighbor that I had, she moved on now, used to douse with Si. It was released, she went to the perfume shop, sniffed it ,bought it right away ,doused with it and then she decided to come over and drink coffee with me. Like we would usually do.

It was nauseating. She would reek of vanillary sweetness. It was an overload of an already heady and heavy perfume despite its weird freshness, a green one, I could tell. Dat woman would douse with it everyday before work and it smelled in the elevator and at the stairs, Si leaves a trail everywhere, it's not joking. And I still smell it on women in Greece of all ages, from teeny boppers who stole some drops from their mom's dressing table, to grannies whom I encounter in the grocery store and God forbid someone is wearing Si in the bus, the whole section smells like Si.

Now I don't know why Greek women wear Si in hot weather; mystery!

BUT, in one of my perfume-expeditions, I came across a young woman of approximately my age, 25 or more, and she would have a gorgeous drydown on her of an intense aromatic, grown up, sinked in the skin, wine-ish thing that I remember on women when I was little and they would smell "beautiful, grown-up women" that I wanted to be.

So I asked her. Conversation started. And the conclusion is that she would dab it, after having hacked into the bottle. And I'm gonna do the same. Now I'm testing Si in mini sized samples, dabbing. The difference is not thaaat huge from spraying, only dabbed I think it dries faster on the skin and it does not project as much as when sprayed. Which suits me better.

Let's see how I understand the notes:
- cassia is rather fresh, sour, kinda sweet, kinda green and it remains untilforever
- a barely there freesia
- a sweet glorious rose
- some patchouli starts developing, I don't think it's particularly dirty. Maybe earthy and just enough incensey, I'm okay with that.
- And finally it's a vanilla that increases and increases more and more. Honestly I'm just patient at this part as vanilla is a mih meh note for me, and sometimes I just plain hate it. But I wait for the total drydown when the blend seems to settle on the skin and start smelling like "beautiful,middle-aged woman". And I'm not ageist at all, like anyone can wear whatever the hell they want. But to me it's a memory thing for me.

And truly there is something chypre in the whole juice, and it's weird because there is no oakmoss and no vetiver, I guess the woodsy notes along with a mix of patchouli and ambroxan, that dare I say has subdued animalic nuances, are sufficient. I guess perfumes like Si are the modern chypres.

And I thought that there was one fragrance from Christine Nigel that I can't wear. Nope. Not anymore...


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