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Face oils are one of the best things you can use on your skin! Even if your skin photography type is oily, there are so many variations and formulas available that there is no excuse not to try one. Here we share the 5 face oils our team has been loving at the moment.

We all know that fruit is great for our skin and Youth To The People have taken it one step further with “superberry” face oil which contains açaí, goji berries, and prickly pear. The face oil has a ultra-light formula which immediately soaks into skin without any greasy feeling! The formula is so light it doesn’t even feel like an oil. Omega fatty acids, vitamin c make for skin that is hydrated and glowing.

Best For: Oily, Dehydrated, and Combination Skin

This facial oil by Votary is a favourite among our team! We fight over it! The Votary Skin Super Seed Facial Oil is a mix of 21 oils which rehydrate, soothe, restore, and nourish damaged, dry, and tired skin. The blend of oils including blueberry, grapeseed, rosehip, raspberry, and melon give a relaxing scent without added fragrances. This product is all natural and great for dry and sensitive skintypes. 

Best For: Dry, Ultra-dry, Sensitive, and Aging Skin

There is no need to be afraid of oil if you have oily skin, but if you have been let us introduce you to The Jojoba Co Oily Skin Balancer! This oil is specially formulated to reduce oil production, reduce the appearance of pores, and balance confused skin. The product contains jojoba oil (and many other oils) which regulate the amount of oil on the skin and also improve skin texture.

Best For: Oily, Unbalanced, Acne-Prone, Acne-Scars, and Textured Skin

Glow Lab have stayed true to their name with this face oil! Enriched with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids this facial oil is perfect for dull, and lackluster skin. A blend of Jojoba, Marula, and Avocado Oil brightens, evens skintone, and smooths skin making texture less noticeable

Best For: Dull, Lackluster, and Pigmented Skin

Kale is a superfood which we are very happy to see arrive in our skincare. The Essano Superfoods range (which also includes face washes, moisturisers, masks, and body lotions) take the benefits of superfood ingredients in skincare form. The Kale Nourishing Facial Oil is great for nourishing skin and fighting signs of aging. It provides hydration and also restores skin, boosting elasticity and collagen to gives skin a youthful and plumped appearance.

Best For: Aging, Anti-Aging, and Lackluster Skin

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Essano Superfoods Certified Organic Kale Nourishing Facial Oil 


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