Grey wedding suits with green tie 2018

WackySuits™ design exceptionally Outrageous suits. Extraordinary suits. Exceptional superior, premium, 100% cotton, luxuriously lined tailored nuttiness. We have designed themed stylish suits, unsual mens suits, made out of ridiculously unusual patterns in a tailored fit. Let’s call them WackySuits™. The high quality fabric (100% cotton) similar to proper ‘boring’ suits enables you to wear your WackySuit™ over and over again, so please don’t think it’s some sort of a disposable nylon fancy dress costume. The fact that a full suit, including a tie, can be delivered to your door for an incredibly reasonable price of £150 (including VAT and p&p) (we’re English, we don’t like hidden charges) just seems too good to be true, right? You need to know that we’re deadly serious about being nuttily bonkers and truly believe that WackySuits™ should be available to everyone. Be funky, be a bit cavalier; be a bit maverick and dare to be different. Buy a piece of England. Buy a collector’s item. Buy unique exceptionality.

Buy a colourful suit, crazy suits, wild suits, Party suits, Trousers, buy a brightly coloured suit, buy a mad suit, but above all don’t buy the anti-suit, the anti-nylon, go up in flames, wear once, costume opposuit.  Make sure you buy quality, a British Wackysuit™ and become a member of ClubWack™.


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We are the anti-grey. WackySuits™ is a reaction to Moss Bros suits, Marks and Spencer suits, Next suits, Topshop suits. WackySuits™ is the colour in Savile Row, it’s the quality of Savile Row suits, it’s the style in Savile Row. The world of tailoring is monochrome… Wackysuits™ is technicolour. Our vision is bright, our vision is a Brand called Wack™.

We are a fashion contradiction that epitomises and personifies the very best of eccentric English design and quintessential English style, English quirkiness – England Madness! We design what we would wear. There IS no competition. This is not a joke, these are not onesies for men: these are suits that gentlemen are proud to wear publically, but probably not sober… (yet!)

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