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When coming from a non-technical background and trying to create ripples in the digital world there are a lot of challenges and opportunities. I have taken each of them head on and successfully helped Multi-National Corporations and Disruptive Startups to leverage technology. I have been a featured writer for LinkedIn Pulse, Tech Blogs, Lifestyle & Productivity blogs. Whatever I publish, write or co-author is a result of my experiences, in depth research and opinions from peer groups. I will bring to you knowledge and productivity lessons on how you can achieve more in your personal and professional life. My writings will inspire you to make small changes and provide you with hacks that will ultimately contribute to you leading a productive life – that is the secret sauce of many top leaders! You will also find a lot written about technology. My articles here, would be related to the new and upcoming technologies, making it simpler for you to understand and helping you to see how it is going to impact the world we live in. If you want to reach out to me for feedback, help, ideas or anything at all, feel free to do so. I always try to respond within reasonable time. You can find me on the social channels mentioned in my profile.

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