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How to Add Excitement to Life

Excitement may be described as a state of exhilaration, enthusiasm, stimulation or emotional arousal. If you feel that your life is lacking in these qualities, then you may want to make changes in order to create a more exciting life for yourself. Follow these suggestions for how to add excitement to life.


  1. Develop relationships.Welcoming different people into your life provides you with fresh perspectives that can change the way you view and interact with the world and, ultimately, make life exciting. There are many ways you may go about incorporating new relationships into your life:
    • Reconnect with old friends. You may do this by attending a class reunion, searching social networking sites or returning to a place you used to live and exploring your old hangouts.
    • Join a club. Think of something that interests you and search newspapers and Internet resources for local get-togethers of like-minded people.
    • Branch out at work. Your workplace may be full of potential new relationships. Try sitting at a different table during lunch, or making conversation with someone in a different department.
    • Spend more time with family. Getting to know family members on previously undiscovered levels can add excitement to life, as you may also learn more about yourself and your roots.
    • Volunteer at any of the wide variety of charitable organizations.
    • Join a local amateur sports team.
  2. Challenge yourself.Set a goal for yourself that you know will be difficult to achieve, then outline the steps it will take you to reach the goal. Work towards your goal in manageable steps until you accomplish what you set out to do.
  3. Take up a new hobby.Learning something new that you're interested in can make life exciting. Think of something that you've always wanted to know how to do, then develop a plan to do it. Your plan may involve taking lessons, joining a club, traveling, signing up for a class or any of a number of other avenues for participating in a new activity.
  4. Conquer a fear.Whatever your fear is, it is possible for you to find a way to approach that fear and conquer it in order to add excitement to life. For example, if you have a fear of public speaking, you may join the toastmasters club or, if you have a fear of heights, you may opt to go skydiving.
  5. Alter your look.A makeover can make life exciting by making you look and feel like a new version of yourself. Cut and color your hair, try a new style of clothing and/or wear your makeup or accessories in a different way. You may even try a long-term image change by changing your health and fitness routine.
  6. Act outside of your comfort zone.Anything you do outside of your norm will induce a sense of excitement. Try making the following changes to your everyday routine:
    • Change your workout routine. For example, if you are used to taking Pilates lessons, then spend a day in the weight room. Or if you don't normally work out, any form of physical exercise will get you out of your normal routine.
    • Try new foods. Choose an exotic recipe and cook it for dinner, or eat at an ethnic restaurant you've never been to.
    • Alter your sleep routine. If you generally sleep in during the morning hours, then try getting up at the crack of dawn. Conversely, if you go to bed early, you may opt to stay up several hours past your bedtime.
    • Work a different schedule. This may mean requesting some vacation time, switching scheduled hours with a coworker, telecommuting part-time or even working more hours than you're used to.
    • Visit new and different places. Just changing up the places you frequent on a regular basis can help make a more exciting life. Shop at a grocery store on the other side of town. Get your haircut at a new salon or barbershop. Spend your lunch hour at a place you never eat at.
  7. Find a new job.If you find that you are increasingly resistant about going to work, and/or that your job seems to be zapping your life of excitement, then it may be time to switch careers.

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