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Az-Tex Old West Hat Styles

Western Hats - Old West A good hat, a good horse, guts and a gun. These were the basic tools of the American cowboy. If any part of a cowboy's gear could be called a permanent fixture, it was his "Hat." The hat was simple. A little roll, a couple of dents here and there, and the hat took on the personality of the man who wore it. He took it off to fetch water, fan a fire, men’s beanies for fall-winter season slap a horse, toss in the air to celebrate, and sometimes to take a bath. Often used hard, but always respected, the hat was dusted off for weddings, funerals, and church on Sundays. To show how a man felt about his hat, he often spent the better part of a month's wages on one.
Honoring this tradition of the Old West, AzTex Hat Company builds the finest hats available!
Put On A Great Tradition with an AzTex Hat!

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