Miley cyrus photoshoot 2018

Happy Monday guys! I think I start every blog post I write on Monday mornings with “Happy Monday!“ Ha! I think it’s because Monday’s can be such a downer since it’s the start of the workweek and I always try to start mine out happy! Technically I’m not working out of the house right now since I’m on maternity leave, but my blog is still work! Even though it’s work that I absolutely love. And let’s face it, being a mother is a full-time job and every day is Monday. Ha! Meaning you get no weekend breaks. But it’s the best kind of job! Even though it’s the hardest job you’ll ever do.

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Anyway, I want to share these photos with you because I’m just in love with them. is so cute right?! It’s ridiculously flattering and when I wore it the other day, I was literally stopped in the streets by people asking me where I got it. It’s just so flirty, girlie and pretty. Plus, since it’s , I can wear flats with it and easily care for my kiddos. It’s not great for breastfeeding honestly. But I fed Riley before we headed out and then again we got home a couple hours later. I’m wearing a size 6. I was a size 4 in  this brand pre-preganacy, but not I am a solid 6 🙂 My rib cage grew during pregnancy! It’s so weird!

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And how cute is ?! She absolutely loves it and if I let her, she would wear it every single day! She’s so cute right now because she will run to the drawer where we keep some of her clothes in the family room (because it’s difficult to go up and down the stairs with both Molly and Riley to get ready when I’m here with them by myself) and she’ll pull out a dress and say “Wear! Pretty!” Then I’ll help her put on the dress and she’ll stand in front of the mirror admiring it on herself. She’s super girly in that sense but then she absolutely loves baseball, basketball, garbage trucks and wearing her Cubbies baseball hat. So she’s definitely got a tomboy side to her as well. I love it! The best of both worlds!

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I love I’ve been caring around sometimes lately. It has a cute colorful tassel that can be worn on the side of it, but when I just want it to be tan and white I tuck the tassel inside . I’ve been using it to walk to the local market to pick up flowers with Molly. It’s one of her favorite things to do! If any of you watch my Instagram stories then you know how much Molly loves flowers.

And since it’s Monday that means The Bachelorette is on tonight! Are you guys watching? I’ll be watching tonight and blogging about it tomorrow. I think the 2-on-1 is in tonight’s episode, which is usually pretty entertaining. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on tonight too!

And as always, let me know what you think of this look int the comments below. xoxo

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