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Crochet Window Flower Stitch - An adorable flower stitch that can be used to make afghans, scarves, boarders, and more. What background will you make?

Crochet Window Flower Stitch - Dearest Debi Patterns

Recently I got a newspaper table from my mom. I set it up next to my new couch and got the to store my yarn in it. Check it out HERE to see it in use! I have been wanting to make a remote holder I can hang from my table so I started playing around with a design. That's when I came up with this Crochet Window Flower Stitch.

I wasn't really sure which side was the right side or the wrong side because I like the unique look of both of them, but for my remote holder I will need to pick a right side to stick with. The one side, the flowers pink flower background pattern photo pop out, the other side looks like flowers in ached columns. That's where the idea came to name this stitch pattern.

The written pattern is for the Crochet Window Flower Stitch and includes details that you can work this stitch as a flower field afghan, or could be worked in the round for a basket or it could even be added to an afghan as a border. So many ideas! I can't wait to see what you come up with! I'm going to continue working on my remote control holder bag, that's another pattern for another day. 😉

Crochet Window Flower Stitch Pattern..

The written pattern can be purchased on Ravelry, pictures are free to view on my blog.

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