You're Not Allowed on the Red Carpet

Red Carpet RE

Growing up, my parents gave me important "mental tools" to work my way through a variety of situations.

Mental Tool #1: When speaking in front of a crowd, imagine everyone naked
Mental Tool #2: Don't spend all your money in one place
Mental Tool #3: Treat others as you want to be treated
Mental Tool #4: A place for everything, and everything in its place
Mental Tool #5: Before an appointment at your RE office, imagine the staff as your favorite celebrities.

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My parents sure are smart! How they knew I would need Mental Tool
#5, is beyond me--but I'm going to benefit from it today at my

My baseline ultrasound/mock transfer/signing my
financial life away for IVF numero dos will take place in a few hours.
This is where they will make sure my ovaries are suppressed, measure my
uterus for the actual transfer, and I pay for having them help us have
a baby.

Im nervous about it-mostly because it makes this whole cycle seemreal.Even though I have been injecting Lupron for a week now, it's all taken place in the safe, comforting walls of my house.

So to ease my mind and use Mental Tool #5, I'd like to introduce you to my star-studded RE staff:

The Receptionist:Jenna Fischer
"Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam" How great is Jenna?
I'd love to ask her "What smells like updawg in here?" as I sign in


Lab Technician:Reese Witherspoon
I can just hear her now: "Hey giiiirl! How's it goooin? We'll just
take this blood real quick like, and have you out the door, sweetie."

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IVF Nurse:Evangeline Lilly
I've mentioned before that Mook thinks our IVF nurse looks exactly
like Kate from "Lost" Maybe I'll ask her if she really prefers Jack
over Sawyer...


Financial Coordinator:Angela Bassett
She means business. She's got class and style and she'll figure out
a way for me to hand over my credit card without too much pain.
Reproductive Endocrinologist:Patrick Dempsey
This needs no explanation.

I'll let you know how the Red Carpet RE appointment goes! In the meantime, tell me who your star-studded RE staff members are!

Thankssomuch for all the great zen answers to last week's (in)
Fertility Friday Five. I'll be stocking up on bras, shows, books and
food this weekend!

E-mail me for tomorrow's installment!


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