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A little girl's collection of stuffed animals had an unwanted addition this week when a venomous snake wriggled its way into her toy box.

The 1.2-metre long red-bellied black snake was found curled up underneath the pile of toys in the Peaks Crossing home, south-west of Brisbane, on Tuesday afternoon.

It had been spotted on a windowsill by the girl's father, who lost sight of it when it dropped into the box.

Snake catcher Andrew Smedley was called in to remove the reptile, which he eventually found curled up underneath the stuffed dogs, bears, and birds.

"It's funny, they said it was her little zoo area. So they got a real life animal in the zoo," Mr Smedley said.

He said the snake was "pretty well hidden" in there.

"Things could've gotten a little ugly had no-one noticed the snake and the child was in there playing and put her hands in there," Mr Smedley said.

"It's something you don't want in the kid's room."

The Australian Reptile Park said bites from red-bellied black snakes are rare "because it is usually a placid and fairly docile snake, preferring to enact a lengthy bluff display with flattened neck and deep hisses rather than bite".

Mr Smedley said there "hasn't been a recorded death for a long time" from a red-bellied black snake.

"But a bite would definitely make you sick and put you in hospital, especially being a child," he said.

Mr Smedley said anyone who comes across a snake in a room in their house should get out, close the door, put a towel across the gap under the door, and call a snake catcher.

"That way it's completely contained in the room. Some people will leave the door open or don't do anything and it's a wild goose chase through the house," he said.

"So if they can contain it, it makes it a hell of a lot easier. You know it's in there and you can definitely catch it."

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