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Looking for some unique accent wall painting ideas to take your focal wall to the next level?

We've got plenty: from unusual shapes to unexpected placement, keep reading for feature wall project inspiration that will satisfy every taste and work for any room in your home.

Painting accent walls has become an almost classic way to add some interest to a , but the following wall painting ideas will restore the freshness of the concept and help you make a real statement with your focal wall.

So let's get your creative juices flowing!

Unexpected places

Backsplash walls can be painted with an accent color

The backsplash is a perfect place for an accent color if you want to liven up your entire with minimum effort (a quart of paint and 2 hours of your time).

Just make sure you use a glossy or special washable paint -  it's durable and easy to keep clean.

Backs of kitchen cabinets can be painted in different colors

Open-face kitchen and bathroom cabinets and those with glass doors almost beg to be accentuated with a different, fun paint color!

But even if your have solid doors, an accent pop of color inside can be a nice little surprise (even if just for you) every time you open them up to get something.

An accent color is a great background for your best china

Your dining room china cupboard with the back wall painted a bright color will make all your nice dishes really stand out and showcase your collection (no special lighting needed).

So don't be afraid to go bold with your here because only a fraction of it will peek through the open spaces. 

Bookcases can be transformed with a pop of color on the back

The back wall of a built-in or free-standing bookcase can also be painted in a contrasting, complementing color to highlight your books and accessories.

And you don't have to limit yourself to one accent color only - use 2 similar shades or even multiple colors for different effects.

Structural eyesores can be made to look decorative with paint and color

Awkward structural elements such as pipe boxing and protruding wall parts can be made to look intentional and decorative - simply by painting them with an accent color.

Now these odd shapes will actually add something to your space, and look interesting and creative.

Ceilings can be painted to be accent walls

Don't forget about the fifth wall - your can be a focal point, too!

Since this accent color placement is so unexpected, you are guaranteed to WOW anyone who enters the room.

Plus, the right color up there can do a lot for pulling together the entire .

Unusual shapes

An accent wall can start and stop anywhere

Accent walls don't have to be painted corner to corner if you want a different look.

For example, you can paint just the middle section, only the top or bottom part of the wall, fill just 2/3 of it vertically, or paint it in half in any direction.

Color blocking is breaking up wall space into sections

With color blocking, you can slice and dice the focal wall space into as many parts and shapes as you like.

This accent wall painting idea can be done in 2-3 or even more colors, in subtle tone-on-tone or very contrasting , and is best suited for contemporary and minimalist home decors.

Painted geometrical shapes look funky on an accent wall

Painted , blocks, circles, triangles and other geometric shapes on a focal wall can really funk up the living space.

They can be evenly sized or irregular, done in one or multiple colors, spaced out or overlapping one another, and so on - the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the effect you are going for.

You can imitate picture frames by using blue painter's tape creatively

With some blue painter's tape and creativity, you can imitate chair rail, picture frame molding and other decorative trim detail on your feature wall.

Simply tape off the desired pattern (it can be a single divider, box shapes or even a criss-cross lettice design) and paint over it with the top coat color.

Accent wall edges can be finished off decoratively

The edges of your accent wall can also be painted to add an extra... well... edge to the effect.

They can be made to look scalloped, feathered out and blended into the main wall color, unevenly rugged or even finished off with or stencils - such a small detail but you will be amazed at the difference!

Dimensional finishes

Faux finishes add depth and texture to accent walls

Instead of using regular paint and a solid color for painting your , try a decorative faux finish.

For example, venetian plaster will look like polished, light-reflecting stone, antique crackle will infuse some shabby chic flair, and will imitate the sensual texture of leather.

Stencils make beautiful accent wall designs

With stencils, you can really make the room come alive!

They are available in many different themes to let you create a unique mood and atmosphere.

The design can range from a few subtle touches in the corners to frame the wall, to a large-scale mural that will make a bold statement.

Decadent colors

Metallic paint finishes can be combined for unique accent wall designs

Consider using a gold, silver or on your feature wall - the result can be breath-taking (especially when different finishes are combined).

A cheaper, faster and easier way is to use metallic paint - it will look subtler but will still add a dazzle.

And finally, pearlized paint looks magical with its understated glow and iridescence when used in a light, tone-on-tone color combination.

Black accent walls don't look depressing when done right

But perhaps the boldest wall painting idea featured here on this page (definitely not for the faint of anything) is a black accent wall.

Most people are afraid of and think it'll look goth and depressing.

Too bad because when done right (with light color furniture and flooring in the room to balance it out), a black accent wall can look not just stunning, but also fresh, positive and inviting.

Here are some more accent wall painting ideas for you to explore - they've been submitted by other visitors to this page, so take a look and don't forget to leave a comment!

And if you have your own accent wall painting project to share, .

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