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Here is a beautiful gallery of 27 stunning study room ideas including modern, contemporary, minimalist, simple, classic, and traditional designs.Having an extra room in the house is such a luxury. There are many ideas that a homeowner can play with including turning the area into a media room, , attic room, or if you love books, a home library room. It doesn’t matter if the space is big or small. Knowing the style you want is much more important. The picture gallery will provide inspirational ideas for your reading room.

Above is one of the best study room design ideas around. The space itself is not too big. The wooden book shelf and cabinets are stained light blue. A marble fireplace and wood floors complement the room. There is an abstract pattern rug underneath the orange modern desk and reading lamp. The crystal chandelier completes the overall luxurious look.


Here’s a hip looking reading room. The brown bookcase is attache to the white walls. Shiny spheres hang down the ceiling. The sofa is a stylish light grey. Three rugs with floral patterns add even more color to the room.


Here’s one of more interesting contemporary study rooms. It shares space with the living room. A detached wooden bookshelf is located against the wall. A modern black table is accompanied by colorful red and purple plastic chairs.


Minimalist book rooms are chic these days. This one is decorated with black and grey colors. The floor is concrete with a distressed appearance. Nearly all furniture is black including the tall bookshelf, leather sofa, and desk chair. The glass desk is the only thing that offers contrast with its pine color wooden legs.


The small library room above is tastefully designed. The beige, taupe, and brown neutral colors give the room a cozy feel. The shelving is simple and is divided by a wood panel. There are three comfortable chairs along with two coffee tables.


This ultra modern study room decor is simple but gorgeous. The artful bookshelf is completely white and slopes in multiple angles. Large windows floods the room with natural light. There is plenty of space to do work on the wood crafted rectangular desk. The hardwood floors matches the desk to give the room a white and brown color theme.


Here’s a photo of a small reading room. There is an abundance of space for books. The custom corner bookshelf wraps around the room. A white marble table is adorned with an old chess set. A small white and purple rug covers the tile floors.


Functionality meets simplicity in this all white book room. Nearly the entire area is dedicated to the shelves from top to bottom. Recessed  lights shine on the brown leather modern reclining chair.


Interested in a dark color theme? Well this one is a nice small library room idea. The walls are dark blue and makes use of all available space. The two sides are used for storing books with cabinets on the bottom. A vintage desk lamp offers contrast to the wild bright orange and red of the chair.


Here’s one of the cool study rooms that is in vogue. Modern concrete floors matches the light gray marble walls. The sofa and long bookshelf is white and contrasted by the black leather desk chair. Lights hanging from the ceiling adds another contemporary touch.


Traditional reading room with all mahogany wood bookcase, walls, coffee table, and floor. The leather chairs are also in the same color. A large window gives light to the room.


This book room makes use of its small space. It is simple and elegantly decorated. The white bookcase is attached to the wall. A read leather sofa and shaggy navy blue carpet adorn the room. A lot of natural light shines through the skylight.


This sparsely decorated library room features beautiful maple flooring. The large round windows has views of the neighborhood. Two reclining chairs is paired with a small coffee table.


This reading room is so large that we had to split it up into two pictures. Here is the left side. As anyone can see, it has lots of seating available and tons of books.

On the the right side, there is an old fireplace and additional book storage.


There are a lot of great home study room designs in this example. While this can be thought of as a sitting room, it can also be a study room. There are shelves on both sides of the fireplace. Four plush olive chairs adorn the area. The ceiling has a checkered design.


Here’s a posh designed book room. The walls and curtain are white. There are a lot of orange accents including the modern couch and carpet. The wood bookcase and two tables have a lot of glass elements.


This small area shows how to decorate a study room. There not much real estate to work with. So a space was carved out and a bookcase was put in. It is simple but looks great.


This study room interior design is magnificent. The intricate detail of the European style ceiling and columns is incredibly beautiful. Various bookshelves are scattered throughout the room. There is a stone fireplace with four seats around to enjoy the warmth.


Pictured above is another example of a classic reading room. This space is all about marble and wood. The floor and fireplace is made out of marble. The shelving and desk are wood.


The nearly all white book room has shelving on one side. In the middle is a window with reading nook. There are two wooden chairs, a small wood desk, southwest style rug, and stereo system.


Hey who doesn’t like a pink library room? This one has multiple black bookcases on the wall. There is a white and black rug in the center of the room. A small reading chair and table are placed near the window for easy reading.


This space has a lot of wonderful ideas for study room. The corner bookcase has ornate Victorian theme design. The rug gives the room a vintage feel. There is furniture with cloth and wood trim.


Here’s an inexpensive idea to design your reading room. Take some cheap bookcases and fill it with books and decor including vintage bottles, vases, candles, and small plants. Place the bookcase against a cool backdrop like a faux brick wall as pictured above.


This space combines a book room and media room. Although the televisions is quite small. The bookshelf is so tall that a ladder is needed to reach certain books. A white sofa and black coffee table complements the red accents on the rug, cabinets, and entertainment center.


This is an old style traditional home library room. Its decor is full of rich brown colors. The shelving has detailed carvings. Two plush leather chairs face each other and is separated by a chess set.


Talk about reading comforts. There is a large sofa bed and fireplace to keep warmth and comfort. The wall is decorated with light blue striped wallpaper. The bookshelf is small but functional.


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