Summer beach fashion trends 2018


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1 Double-Up

Fancy-up your standard half-up style by pulling back a second layer to create a two-in-one ponytail. Bonus points for wrapping things up with a metallic tie like the ones Adir Abergel placed on Emilia Clark.

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2 Reverse Half-Up

It's the biggest summer hair struggle: you want to wear it up because it's so hot and humid, but you also want to wear it down. Instead of settling for the tradition half-up style, try Kristen Stewart's reversed version.

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3 Mermaid Scales

For a cool party look that's still laid-back (and better yet, easy to achieve) try this look that hairstylist Ursula Stephen showed on Bebe Rexha. To pull off this decorative fishscale effect, start by pinning your hair back on the side, hiding the bobby pins underneath the hair and fixing it in place with plenty of hairspray. Now just add metallic hair pins in an alternating pattern to create your chosen design.

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4 Lazy Side-Pony

Lacquering your hair into submission can be a losing proposition in the summer. Instead, keep things casual by opting for an almost-but-not-quite-loose side ponytail a la Emma Stone.

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5 Chasing Waterfalls

Simpler than a crown braid but just as flashy, like this one by Sarah Potemmpa is deceptively simple. Look at it like a traditional three-strand braid, except every time you pick up a new section of hair you drop one of the previous ones, giving a cascading effect.

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6 Blunt Bob

Summer is prime wave time, which makes a structured style a real standout this time of year. Go for a cut above shoulder length with very sleek ends, like Ava Phillippe and Saoirse Ronan, to garner maximum impact.

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7 Breezy Curls

We love major bombshell waves as much as anybody, but if you're blessed with natural texture, embrace the buoyancy by letting the heat bring out your natural curls. Afraid of poodle-poof? Simply tie the front section back in a high ponytail like Bella Hadid to add an element of sleekness without feeling too fussy.

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8 Boho Braids

For a festival feel (minus the un-showered scent) try out an effortless mix of beachy waves and slender braids like hairstylist Mark Townsend showcased on Mary-Kate Olsen.

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9 Shorn and Chic

From a tight buzz to subtle undercuts, ultra-short hair is making a comeback, and there's no better time to try out a minimal-effort style than summer. Go full-tilt like Kate Hudson, let your top grow like Danai Gurira, or trim away the under layers like Selena Gomez to give sweaty locks a lift.

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10 Looped Pony

Upgrade your basic ponytail to something so much edgier. Knot and pin the length of the tail into a series of loops, then tie it all off with a clear elastic.

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11 Pinned Back

Need an instant hair upgrade? Victoria's Secret Angel Stella Maxwell shows off how pretty simply pinning the front layers of your beachy waves back can look.

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12 Super Slick

Selena Gomez, Lily Collins, Kim Kardashian, and a dozen other celebrities have taken slicked back hair from the runway to the red carpet. The trick is for your hair to look wet—but not actually be wet. Use a few palmfulls of mousse and strong hold gel to get the style to hold.

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13 Low Bun

A low, looped bun, like the one seen on Zoë Kravitz, gets your hair out of your face but looks a little cooler than a chignon. Use an elastic in your same hair color (or a clear one) so there are no harsh lines.

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14 Twist And Pin

Twist and pin back your lob on just one side, tucking it behind your ear. It leaves the perfect canvas for showing off designer sunglasses.

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15 Sleek Fishtail

A fishtail braid is a summer staple, whether it's on gritty second-day texture or pin-straight, freshly washed hair.

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16 Texture Play

Don't hide your natural texture—embrace it. Slick down your roots to midlengths only, then tie off your hair into a basic low ponytail. The juxtaposition of the fuzzy curls against the sleek shine looks gorgeous for any occasion.

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17 Modern Disco

Don't fight the frizz. If you're blessed with big, bouncy, voluminous curls, leave them alone and be on your way. If you're not, use a ton of salt spray and a small curling wand to create this kind of fuzzy texture.

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18 Faux Hawk trends

Consider the faux hawk your summer updo. With straight hair and tons of shine, the look is tough and party-ready; with soft and natural texture, the look is ideal for a beachside summer wedding.

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