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The first day on your new college campus might be one of the most terrifying experiences of your life so far. Even though it's a small thing, wearing an awesome outfit will make you feel so much more confident rolling into your first class.

It's not rocket science (unlike your 8 am), but here are a few tips: don't wear heels to a frat party, leggings do NOT count as professional dress no matter how cute your top is, and rocking a brand new school tee the first week screams 'freshman.' Once you get past all that, it's basically just dressing cute and comfortable – because you'll probably be walking all the way across campus to get to class.

Here are some super stylish, but still chill outfit ideas that will help you totally kick ass in college.

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Festival Vibes

If , this chill look is perfect for a summer darty (college lingo for daytime party). A light-weight cami looks chic af, but most importantly, the thin material is easy to clean when someone inevitably spills their drink on you. Pair it with sneakers and a fanny pack to hold your necessities.

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Statement Details

College is one big game of How Can I Look Cute Without Looking Like I'm Trying to Look Cute? Master it by adding fashion-y accessories to your favorite pieces. Ugly-cute boots, sparkly statement earrings, and a printed bag turn a top and jeans into a badass outfit.

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Knotted Crop and Jeans

Everyone is wearing flirty tied tops this summer, for the same reason you should rock one at school: they're laid back, but still party-perfect. Throw on your favorite jeans with it and gold accessories for your next night out.

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Laid-Back Profesh

When you're feeling fabulous and lazy throw on a pair of crisp trousers, then tone them down with a white tee and sneakers. Wear a matching blazer like Zendaya if you need to look dressy for a presentation.

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Dressed-Up White Tee

Up late partying studying? Throw on your go-to T-shirt, high-rise jeans, and sneakers – then, dress it up with a touch of sparkle at the neck. A rhinestone-covered statement necklace will pull your entire look together, trust.

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Stylish Athleisure

On the first day of your first 8 am class, you'll probably get up early, do your hair, and pick a cute outfit. But every single class after that, you'll roll out of bed and head out in sweats. Trendy athleisure pieces like leggings with cutouts and quilted bomber jackets will make you look put together, even if you're falling asleep at your desk.

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Casual Pleather

In the winter, those long walks across campus will really put a damper on your style. Pleather pants tend to be super warm and they just happen to make you look Kylie Jenner-level chic. Wear them with your favorite oversize tee and sneakers for class.

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Chill Rocker

Shay's outfit is perfect for any party/dinner/night out college life throws at you. Tie a bright jacket around a T-shirt dress literally just because it looks cool, then add boots and statement earrings. A swipe of crimson on the lips makes it look like you actually tried, even if you didn't.

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Feminine Neutrals

Blush might be basic with a capital B, but every girl should still own something in the color. It literally goes with everything. Pair the neutral hue with taupe, white, denim, gold – pretty much anything.

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Statement Pants

Your college wardrobe shouldn't just be Going Out Clothes™ and sweatpants. You'll need dressy clothes for internship interviews, job fairs, sorority functions, and class presentations (yep, they'll doc points if you show up in jeans). A pair of sleek plaid trousers can go with a simple sweater and heels for class or with a crop top/sneakers for chill time on campus.

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