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Women’s Kundalini Intensive

Nicole Nardone

Adi Shakti is the first, primal force of the Universe. It is the feminine, the creative energy that births all things. She is the delta of creation through which all life flows. The feminine force gives rise to dark and light, fierceness and tenderness, power and grace. This primal power is rising through the earth, through our everything communities, and through our bodies as women. In this intensive, we’ll dive into the philosophy and practices aimed at awakening the Adi Shakti force (the feminine force), understanding, integrating, and celebrating it.

Yogi Bhajan gave many practices and lectured at length on the importance of women knowing who and what they truly are. This intensive will dive into many of the sacred practices held only for women. Kriyas, meditations, mantras, and lifestyle practices aimed at cultivating the creative force, compassion, and grace of woman. These practices are specifically designed for balancing a woman’s hormonal system, nervous system, and fine tuning and amplifying her subtle energy system.

In the first part of our day, we will dive into the seat of unconditional love. We’ll explore practices to balance the nervous system, bring healing and balance to the heart chakra, and practices that activate the Arcline (one of a woman’s energetic superpowers). When Adi Shakti is awakened in these centers, the fragrant river of love flows through the body, into our relationships, and into all of life. We are able to fill our own cup first and give from overflow, rather than compulsively giving to others first. Habitual, learned nervous system patterns of pranic intake/outake, giving/receiving love are recalibrated, putting us in right flow with the flow of love.

During the second part of our day, we will focus on the creative/sexual aspect of Adi Shakti. According to the yogis, the main use of the sexual energy is to repair and rejuvenate all the organs of the body. This is said to bring about great and profound healing. We’ll address what typically blocks the flow of this sacred energy. We’ll practice a kriya and meditations to awaken and balance this powerful, sacred sexuality of woman, and channel this potent energy into deep and regenerative self-healing and spiritual awakening. This practice can also powerfully open the flow of sexual energy if it’s been blocked. In awakening this basic sacredness of our sexuality and creativity as women, we are lifted into our true power, we drip with love, and we are sovereign. From this place, we heal, we create, we love, we hold the world in balance. Adi Shakti Adi Shakti Adi Shakti Namo Namo.

This intensive is for anyone who identifies as a woman.

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